John Hart, Founding Father, Sacrificed Much for America

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By Brooke Lorren

America's Founding Fathers sacrificed a lot for the freedoms that we enjoy today. Out of the Founding Fathers that signed the Declaration of Independence, many sacrificed their fortunes and some sacrificed their health. John Hart, one of the signers from New Jersey, sacrificed both his possessions and his health to secure the freedom that many Americans take for granted today. He paid a hefty price for signing this fundamental document of American liberty.

John Hart was a farmer who was older than 60 years old when he signed the Declaration of Independence. After signing, his wife was ill, so he went to see her. When the British approached, he decided that it was necessary to leave them so that the British would not hurt her or his 13 children. Although this act did save the lives of his family members, the British still stole his property and destroyed what was left.

Hart spent the next several months living in the forest and mountains as he tried to evade the British. He slept in the houses of friends on occasion, but spent most of the time alone. Sometimes he would cover himself with leaves or hide in rotten logs. He eluded the British for the entire winter; fortunately for him, they moved on in the spring.

The difficult winter took a toll on Hart though. When he was able to return to society, he found that his farm was left in ruins, and that his wife had died. The cold winter damaged his health, and he never recovered. He died in 1780, before the American Revolution turned in the American's favor. He never saw the results of his sacrifice amount to good in his lifetime.

We cannot take for granted the freedom that people like John Hart gave their lives for. We need to be informed on the leadership in government; we need to vote. We need to remember our history and strive to become honest, good people ourselves. That is the only way that America can restore itself and restore its freedoms.

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