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Religion: Presbyterian
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William Floyd, who was the first delegate from New York that signed the Declaration of Independence, was born on Long Island, on the 17th of December, 1734. His father was Nicoll Floyd, an opulent and respectable landholder, whose ancestors came to America from Wales, about the year 1680, and settled on Long Island. The father of William died while his son was young, and left him heir to a large estate.

The early education of young Floyd, by no means corresponded to the wealth and ability of his father. His studies were limited to a few of the useful branches of knowledge, and these were left unfinished, in consequence of the death of that gentleman. The native powers of Floyd were, however, respectable, and his house being the resort of an extensive circle of connections and acquaintance, which included many intelligent and distinguished families, his mind, by the intercourse which he thus enjoyed with those who were enlightened and improved, became stored with rich and varied
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William Floyd Genealogy

Nicoll Floyd (1705 - 1755)
Tabitha Smith Floyd (1705 - 1755)

Hannah Jones Floyd (1740 - 1781)
Joanna Strong Floyd (1747 - 1826)

Nicoll Floyd (1762 - 1851)
Mary Floyd Tallmadge (1764 - 1805)
Ann Floyd Varick (1785 - 1857)
Anna Floyd Clinton (1785 - 1857)

Tabitha Floyd Reeve (1736 - 1812)
Charles Floyd (1739 - 1773)
Charity Floyd L'Hommedieu (1739 - 1785)

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1734 12/17   Birth of William Floyd
1821 08/04   Death of William Floyd
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