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Religion: Quaker
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Joseph Hewes was born near Kingston, in New Jersey, in the year 1730. His parents were Aaron and Providence Hewes, who were members of the Society Of Friends, and who originally belonged to the colony of Connecticut. They were induced, however, to remove from New-England, on account of the prejudices which existed among the descendants of the Puritans against those who adopted the Quaker dress, or professed the Quaker faith.

At the period of their removal, many parts of New England were suffering from the frequent hostilities of the Indians, who, roving through the forests in their vicinity, often made sudden incursions upon the inhabitants of those colonies, and generally marked their route with the most shocking barbarities. The murderous spirit of the Indians was also, at this time, much inflamed by an act of the government of Massachusetts, which had increased the premium on Indian scalps and Indian prisoners to a hundred pounds for each. By way of retaliation, the Indians
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Aaron Hewes (____ - 1755)
Providence Worth Hewes

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Joseph Hewes was engaged to be married, but his fiancee died a few days before the wedding.
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1730 01/23   Birth of Joseph Hewes
1779 10/10   Death of Joseph Hewes
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Quotes by Joseph Hewes

Quote 5 details Share on Google+ - Quote 5 Linked In Share Button - Quote 5 Were I to suffer in the cause of American liberty, should I not be translated immediately to heaven as Enoch was of old?

Joseph Hewes: letter to James Iredell, October 31, 1774

Quote 1203 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1203 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1203 I am anxious to know how they go on in forming a Constitution, and more Anxious to know how they defend their Country, for I expect a formal attack has been made on it before this day.

Joseph Hewes: letter to James Iredell May 17, 1776

Quote 1202 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1202 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1202 Much of our time is employed in raising Men, making Cannon, Muskets & money, finding out ways & means of supplying our Troops with Cloaths, provisions & ammunition.

Quote 4 details Share on Google+ - Quote 4 Linked In Share Button - Quote 4 On Monday the great question of Independency and Total Separation from all political intercourse with Great Britain will come on, it will be carried I expect by a great Majority and then I suppose we shall take upon us a New Name.

Joseph Hewes: letter to James Iredell - June 28, 1776
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