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Religion: Episcopalian
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Francis Hopkinson was a native of Pennsylvania, and was born in the city of Philadelphia, in the year 1737. His father, Thomas Hopkinson, was an Englishman, who emigrated to America, but in what year is unknown to the writer. A short time previous to his emigration, he became respectably connected by marriage, with a niece of the bishop of Worcester.

On his arrival in America, he took up his residence in the city of Philadelphia, where he honorably filled several offices of distinction, under the government of his native country. Mr. Hopkinson was distinguished for his scientific attainments. He was intimate with that distinguished philosopher, Benjamin Franklin, by whom he was held in high estimation. The intimacy which subsisted between these gentlemen, seems to have arisen from a similarity of taste, particularly on philosophical subjects. To Mr. Hopkinson is attributed the first experiment of attracting the electric fluid, by means of a pointed instrument, instead of a blunt
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Francis Hopkinson Genealogy

Thomas Hopkinson (1709 - 1751)
Mary Johnson Hopkinson (1718 - 1804)

Ann Borden Hopkinson (1747 - 1827)

Joseph Hopkinson (1770 - 1842)

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Francis Hopkinson took credit for the design of the United States flag, and requested a case of wine as payment
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1737 10/02   Birth of Francis Hopkinson
1791 05.09   Death of Francis Hopkinson
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Biography for Francis Hopkinson (1737 - 1791)
Biography for Francis Hopkinson
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Francis Hopkinson - Founding Father, Everyday Presence

The name Francis Hopkinson is hardly a household name in American history. Nor is he a widely recognized Founding Father. However, many would be surprised to know that they see results of Hopkinson's work nearly every day.

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Quote 762 details Share on Google+ - Quote 762 Linked In Share Button - Quote 762 My days have been so wondrous free, The Little birds that fly With Careless ease from tree to tree, Were but as blest as I, Were but as blest as I. Ask the gliding waters, If a tear of mine Increased their stream, And ask the breathing gales If ever I lent a sigh to them, If I lent a sigh to them.

Francis Hopkinson: My days Have Been So Wondrous Free - 1759
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