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Religion: Unitarian
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Robert Treat Paine was a native of Boston, where he was born, in the year 1731. His parents were pious and respectable. His father was for some years the settled pastor of a church in Weymouth, in the vicinity of Boston. His health failing him, however, he removed with his family to the latter place; where he entered into mercantile pursuits. His mother was the grand-daughter of Governor Treat of Connecticut.

At the early age of fourteen, he became a member of Harvard College; but of his collegiate course, little has been recorded. On leaving the university, he was engaged for some time in a public school. As the fortune of his father had, from various circumstances, become much reduced, the support of his parents, with some other relations, seemed to devolve upon himself. In the acquisition of more ample means for their maintenance, he made a voyage to Europe. It was an honorable trait in his character, thus in the morning of life to exhibit such filial affection; a kindness
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Robert Treat Paine Genealogy

Thomas Paine (1694 - 1757)
Eunice Treat Paine (1704 - 1747)

Sarah Cobb Paine (1744 - 1816)

Henry Paine (1777 - 1814)

Robert Treat Paine Tivia

Robert Treat Paine was admitted to Harvard College at the age of fourteen years, and graduated with the usual honors
Robert Treat Paine was offered the appointment of a side judge when John Adams was appointed as Chief Justice for the province of Massachusetts
Robert Treat Paine waschosen Attorney-General of Massachusetts in 1777 by unanimous vote, and in 1790 was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court.
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1731 03/11   Birth of Robert Treat Paine
1814 05/12   Death of Robert Treat Paine
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Robert Treat Paine

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Quotes by Robert Treat Paine

Quote 1252 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1252 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1252 I desire to bless and praise the name of God most high for appointing me my birth in a land of Gospel Light where the glorious tidings of a Savior and of pardon and salvation through Him have been continually sounding in mine ears.

Robert Treat Paine: The Papers of Robert Treat Paine, Stephen Riley and Edward Hanson, editors (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1992), Vol. I, p. 48, March/April, 1749.

Quote 1253 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1253 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1253 [W]hen I consider that this instrument contemplates my departure from this life and all earthly enjoyments and my entrance on another state of existence, I am constrained to express my adoration of the Supreme Being, the Author of my existence, in full belief of his providential goodness and his forgiving mercy revealed to the world through Jesus Christ, through whom I hope for never ending happiness in a future state, acknowledging with grateful remembrance the happiness I have enjoyed in my passage through a long life.

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