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Religion: Episcopalian
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Edward Rutledge, the first of the South Carolina delegation, who affixes his name to the Declaration of Independence, was born in the city of Charleston, November, 1749. He was the youngest, son of Doctor John Rutledge, who emigrated from Ireland to South Carolina, about the year 1755. His mother was Sarah Hert, a lady of respectable family, and large fortune. At the age of twenty-seven, she became a widow with seven children. Her eldest son was John Rutledge, distinguished for his patriotic zeal during the revolution. Her youngest son was the subject of the present memoir.

Of the early years of Edward Rutledge we have little to record. He was placed under the care of David Smith, of New-Jersey, by whom he was instructed in the learned languages; but he appears not to have made as rapid attainments as some others, although, as a scholar, he was respectable. Before he had devoted as much time to academic studies, as would have been desirable, he commenced the study of law with
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Edward Rutledge Genealogy

John Rutledge (1713 - 1750)
Sarah Hext Rutledge (1724 - 1792)

Henrietta Middleton Rutledge (1750 - 1792)
Mary Shubrick Rutledge (1754 - 1837)

Henry Middleton Rutledge (1775 - 1844)
Sarah Rutledge (1782 - 1855)

John Rutledge (1739 - 1800)
Mary Rutledge Smith (1747 - 1832)
Hugh Rutledge (1750 - 1811)

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Edward Rutledge was the youngest, at 26, signer of the Declaration of Independence
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1749 11/23   Birth of Edward Rutledge
1800 01/23   Death of Edward Rutledge
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Edward Rutledge

A brief biography of the life of Edward Rutledge, statesman, South Carolina Governor, and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Through the use of archival materials, scholar interviews, visits to historic landmarks, and reenactments, this progr

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Quote 722 details Share on Google+ - Quote 722 Linked In Share Button - Quote 722 I find that I agree fully with my good friend Patrick Henry when he said it cannot be emphasized too strongly or to often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on The Gosple of Jesus Christ.

Quote 719 details Share on Google+ - Quote 719 Linked In Share Button - Quote 719 I always considered an idle Life, as a real evil, but, a life of such hurry, such constant hurry, leaves us scarcely a moment for reflection or for the discharge of any other then the most immediate and pressing concerns.

Quote 721 details Share on Google+ - Quote 721 Linked In Share Button - Quote 721 Oh for a fleet that could look the pourdest power in Europe in the face, on this our rightful Western Ocean! But alas, it must be left to posterity -- at the age of 50 I can't expect to view it unless from above.

Quote 720 details Share on Google+ - Quote 720 Linked In Share Button - Quote 720 Be mild and firm. Apply your best exertions to put us in a proper posture of defense.

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