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Religion: Presbyterian
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James Smith, the subject of the following memoir, was a native of Ireland; but in what year he was born is unknown. This was a secret which, even to his relations and friends, he would never communicate, and the knowledge of it was buried with him in the grave. It is conjectured, however, that he was born between the years 1715 and 1720.

His father was a respectable farmer, who removed to America with a numerous family, and settled on the west side of the Susquehanna. He died in the year 1761. James, who was his second son, received his education from the distinguished Dr. Allison, provost of the college of Philadelphia. His attainments in classical literature were respectable. In the art of surveying, which at that early period of the country was of great importance, he is said to have excelled. After finishing his education, he applied himself to the study of law, in the office of Thomas Cookson, of Lancaster. On being qualified for his profession, he took up his residence
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John Smith (1686 - 1760)

Eleanor Armor Smith (1760 - 1818)

Margaret Smith Johnson (1761 - 1838)

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1719    Birth of James Smith
1806 07/11   Death of James Smith
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Public officials may have to live in a splendor unsuited to new republics groaning under financial burdens; private individuals fleeing from the tyranny of old governments are in a different position, however.

James Smith: letter to the American Commissioners, Aug 24, 1778.
Web Source: http://founders.archives.gov/documents/Franklin/01-27-02-0269

Quote 1249 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1249 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1249 And Shall the Official Guardians of our lives furnish the very means of our destruction without any one possible benefit to our country.

James Smith: letter to the Commissioners, Nov 1778

Quote 1250 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1250 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1250 It gives me pain to remind you that the power werewith you are invested was never given to distress or indanger the Lives and liberties of your Countrymen and I sincerely wish for the honor of the Commission that you may be able to explain your selves in such a manner as to wipe away the foul imputations and suspicions which such behaviour may make you liable to in the opinion of the World, and that private resentment has no share in this transaction.

James Smith: letter to the Commissioners, Nov 1778

Quote 1251 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1251 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1251 Without disparaging their characters, why am I to be more suspect than the others? When I expressed willingness to give the most solemn assurances of my affection and duty I meant such assurances as would be binding on a man of honor, not those that would subject me to arrest. The powers you hold were not given to endanger the lives and liberties of your countrymen.

James Smith: letter to the Commissioners, Nov 1778

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