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Religion: Episcopalian
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George Walton, the last of the Georgia delegation, who signed the declaration of independence, and with an account of whom we shall conclude these biographical notices, was born in the county of Frederick, Virginia, about the year 1740. He was early apprenticed to a carpenter, who being a man of selfish and contracted views, not only kept him closely at labor during the day, but refused him the privilege of a candle, by which to read at night.

Young Walton possessed a mind by nature strong in its powers, and though uncultivated, not having enjoyed even the advantages of a good scholastic education, he was ardently bent on the acquisition of knowledge; so bent, that during the day, at his leisure moments, he would collect light wood, which served him at night instead of a candle. His application was close and indefatigable; his acquisitions rapid and valuable.

At the expiration of his apprenticeship, he removed to the province of Georgia, and entered the office of a Mr. Young,
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Dorothy Camber Walton (1760 - 1832)
Dorothy Camber Walton (1763 - ____)

George Walton (1786 - 1863)

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1741    Birth of George Walton
1804 02/02   Death of George Walton
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