Oliver Wolcott - (1796 - 1797)

Religion: Congregationalist
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Few families have been more distinguished in the annals of Connecticut, than the Wolcott family. The ancestor of this family was Henry Wolcott, an English gentleman of considerable fortune, who was born in the year 1578. During the progress of the Independents in England, he embraced the principles of that sect, and hence becoming obnoxious to the British government, he found it expedient to emigrate to America. His emigration, with his family, took place in 1630. They settled for a time at Dorchester, in Massachusetts.

Mr. Wolcott is represented to have been a man of talents and enterprise. Possessing an ample fortune, he associated himself with John Mason, Roger Ludlow, Mr. Stoughton, and Mr. Newberry, who were also men of wealth, in the settlement of Windsor, in Connecticut. About the same time, as is well known, settlements were made at Hartford and Wethersfield.

In 1639, the first general assembly of Connecticut was holden at Hartford. It was composed of delegates from
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Oliver Wolcott Genealogy

Roger Wolcott (1679 - 1767)
Sarah Drake Wolcott (1684 - 1747)

Laura Collins Wolcott (1739 - 1794)

Oliver Wolcott (1757 - 1757)
Oliver Wolcott (1760 - 1833)
Laura Wolcott Moseley (1761 - 1814)
Mariann Wolcott Goodrich (1765 - 1805)
Frederick Wolcott (1767 - 1837)

Hepzibah Wolcott Strong (____ - 1780)
Roger Wolcott (1704 - 1759)
Elizabeth Wolcott Newberry (1706 - 1775)
Alexander Wolcott (1712 - 1795)
Josiah Wolcott (1718 - 1802)
Erastus Wolcott (1722 - 1793)
Ursula Wolcott Griswold (1724 - 1788)
Marian Wolcott Williams (1730 - 1798)

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1726 11/20   Birth of Oliver Wolcott
1797 12/01   Death of Oliver Wolcott
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Oliver Wolcott

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Quote 754 details Share on Google+ - Quote 754 Linked In Share Button - Quote 754 Thro Various Scenes of Life God has Sustained me. May he ever be my unfailing Friend, May his Love cherish my Soul, May my Heart with Gratitude Acknowledge his Goodness and may my Desires be to him and to the Remembrance of his Name... May We then turn our Eyes to the bright Objects above, and may God give us Strength to travel the upward Road. May the divine Redeemer conduct us to that Seat of Bliss which he himself has prepared for his Friends; at the Approach of which every Sorrow shall Vanish from the human heart, and endless scenes of Glory Open upon the enraptured Eye

Oliver Wolcott: Letter to Laura Wolcott

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