Franklin's Spark (1720-1765)

Benjamin Franklin is Philadelphia's most iconic citizen, but how did William Penn's city shape the man often called "The First American"? This episode follows Franklin from his arrival as a fugitive indentured servant to his emergence as a leader of craftsmen, civic innovator, media pioneer, politician, and the force behind America's greatest Enlightenment city. But all around Franklin, slavery drives the city's prosperity. Sampson, enslaved to Governor James Logan, strikes out for freedom, forcing Quaker power brokers to wrestle with the great evil of their times. And soon, Philadelphia's peaceful charter will face its greatest test, as a violent frontier conflict threatens to explode in the city's streets.

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History Making Productions presents
"Franklin's Spark"
An Episode of "Philadelphia: The Great Experiment"

Created by Sam Katz
Directed by Andrew Ferrett
Produced by Wendy Cox
Written by Andrew Ferrett & Nathaniel Popkin
Director of Photography: Paul Van Haute
Music Composed by Patrick De Caumette
Edited by Rachel Sophia Stewart
Associate Producer: Jonathan Kohl
Narrated by Michael Boatman
Creative Director: Virginia Lasco
Production Designer: Steven Pennepacker
Costume Designer: Millie Hiibel
Principal Casting: Cynthia Jantzen
Hair & Make-Up: Krystal Tini
Sound & Dialogue Editor: Dan La Porta

Made possible through the generous support of:
The Halloran Family Philanthropies - Kay & Harry Halloran
The McCausland Family Foundation - Bonnie & Peter McCausland

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