President James Monroe Biography Watch this video about President James Monroe providing interesting, fun facts and info about the life biography of James Monroe, the first President of America. Gain a fast overview of his life! Short biography with key dates containing his bio, information & trivia about his career, family, illnesses, major achievements and accomplishments. Perfect study guide for students, children and kids who want to learn about this famous American President. When was he born? What was his background? Who did he marry? How many children did he have? What did he look like - his physical description? When was James Monroe inaugurated as President? What were the major events, achievements and accomplishments of the James Monroe presidency? When did he die and what was the cause of his death? Our biography and video on James Monroe answer the initial question - Who is James Monroe, or who was James Monroe?

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#05 James Monroe

Excerpt from the History Channel's The Presidents series featuring James Monroe. [WATCH]

James Monroe Facts and Biography

US President James Monroe served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, served as Ambassador to France, and even served as governor of Virginia before becoming president. He was a popular president who is credited with creating a foreign policy that lasted longer than any other foreign policy in the nation. Learn more facts about him [WATCH]