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ARTICLE: Continental Association created by the Articles of Association

The Continental Association, often known simply as the “Association“, was a system created by the First Continental Congress on October 20, 1774, for implementing a trade boycott with Great Britain. Congress hoped that by imposing economic sanctions, Great Britain wou[MORE]

ARTICLE: Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?

John Hancock got to sign first with his huge signature because he was the President of the Congress. It's commonly believed that John Hancock said, "There, I guess King George will be able to read that!" when he signed, referring to the King's bad vision, but there's no actual pr[MORE]

FILE: Biography for Roger Sherman

Biography for Roger Sherman[MORE]

FILE: The Countryman

This is series of letters written to a news paper in Connecticut to support the Constitution. The Countryman is a pseudonym used by Roger Sherman[MORE]

BOOK: The Founding Fathers

A completely newly researched story of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and of the lives of the most prominent framers of the Constitution: Oliver Ellsworth, Benjamin Franklin, Nathaniel Gotham, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, George Mason, Gouverneur Morris, Charles Cot[MORE]

VIDEO: Roger Sherman

A brief highlight on the life of Roger Sherman, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.[MORE]