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Religion: Episcopalian
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"Mr. Gerry's character is marked for integrity and perseverance. He is a hesitating and laborious speaker;--possesses a great degree of confidence and goes extensively into all subjects that he speaks on, without respect to elegance or flower of diction. He is connected and sometimes clear in his arguments, conceives well, and cherishes as his first virtue, a love for his Country. Mr. Gerry is very much of a Gentleman in his principles and manners;--he has been engaged in the mercantile line and is a Man of property. He is about 37 years of age." -- Character Sketches of Delegates to the Federal Convention by William Pierce (1787)

Elbridge Gerry was born at Marblehead, in the state of Massachusetts, on the seventeenth day of July, 1744. His father was a native of Newton, of respectable parentage and connections. He emigrated to America in 1730, soon after which, he established himself as a merchant in Marblehead, where he continued to reside until his death, in 1774. He was much
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Elbridge Gerry Genealogy

Thomas Gerry (1702 - 1774)
Elizabeth Greenleaf Gerry (1716 - 1771)

Ann Thompson Gerry (1763 - 1849)

Catherine Gerry Austin (1787 - 1850)
Elbridge Thomas Gerry (1793 - 1867)
Thomas Russell Gerry (1794 - 1848)
Emily Louisa Gerry (1802 - 1894)

Elizabeth Gerry (1740 - 1740)

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1744 07/17   Birth of Elbridge Gerry
1814 11/23   Death of Elbridge Gerry
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Biography for Elbridge Gerry (1744 - 1814)
Biography for Elbridge Gerry
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Quote 744 details Share on Google+ - Quote 744 Linked In Share Button - Quote 744 ... it must be admitted, that a free people are the proper guardians of their rights and liberties - that the greatest men may errand that their errors are sometimes of the greatest magnitude.

Elbridge Gerry: Letter to Massachusetts Legislature Oct 18,1787

Quote 1306 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1306 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1306 His objections are chiefly contained in his letter to the Legislature; that he believes his colleagues men of to much honour to assert what is not true; that his reasons in the Convention "were totally different from those which he published," that his only motive for dissenting from the Constitution, was a firm persuasion that it would endanger the liberties of America; that if the people are of a different option, they have a right to adopt; but he was not authorized to an act, which appeared to him was a surrender of their liberties; that a representative of a free state, he was bound in honour to vote according to his ideal of her true interest, and that he should do the same in similar circumstances.

Quote 990 details Share on Google+ - Quote 990 Linked In Share Button - Quote 990 We should have declared independence last winter and received a great advantage therefrom...

Elbridge Gerry: July 2, 1776 - (American Heritage Magazine, Dec, 1962, pg. 37)
American Heritage: The Magazine of History

Quote 579 details Share on Google+ - Quote 579 Linked In Share Button - Quote 579 Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.

Quote 743 details Share on Google+ - Quote 743 Linked In Share Button - Quote 743 I shall only add, that as the welfare of the union requires a better Constitution than the Confederation, I shall think it my duty as a citizen of Massachusetts, to support that which shall be finally adopted, sincerely hoping it will secure the liberty and happiness of America.

Elbridge Gerry: Letter to Massachusetts Legislature Oct 18,1787

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