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Religion: Episcopalian
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Francis Lewis was a native of Landaff, in South Wales, where he was born in the year 1713. His father was a clergyman, belonging to the established church. His mother was the daughter of Dr. Pettingal, who was also a clergyman of the Episcopal establishment, and had his residence in North Wales. At the early age of four or five years, being left an orphan, the care of him devolved upon a maternal maiden aunt, who took singular pains to have him instructed in the native language of his country. He was afterwards sent to Scotland, where, in the family of a relation, he acquired a knowledge of the Gaelic. From this, he was transferred to the school of Westminster, where he completed his education; and enjoyed the reputation of being a good classical scholar.

Mercantile pursuits being his object, be entered the counting room of a London merchant; where, in a few years, he acquired a competent knowledge of the profession. On attaining to the age of twenty-one years, he collected the
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Francis Lewis Genealogy

Francis Lewis (____ - 1717)
Amy Pettingal Lewis (____ - 1718)

Elizabeth Annisley Lewis (1715 - 1778)

Morgan Lewis (1754 - 1844)

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1713 03/21   Birth of Francis Lewis
1802 12/30   Death of Francis Lewis
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