George Clymer - (1739 - 1813)

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Religion: Quaker
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"George Clymer (Pennsylvania) is a Lawyer of some abilities;--he is a respectable Man, and much esteemed. Mr. Clymer is about 40 years old." -- Character Sketches of Delegates to the Federal Convention by William Pierce (1787)

George Clymer was born in the city of Philadelphia, in the year 1739. His father was descended from a respectable family of Bristol, in England; and after his emigration to America became connected by marriage with a lady in Philadelphia. Young Clymer was left an orphan at the age of seven years, upon which event the care of him devolved upon William Coleman, a maternal uncle, a gentleman of much respectability among the citizens of Philadelphia.

The education of young Clymer was superintended by his uncle, than whom few men were better qualified for such a charge. The uncle possessed a cultivated mind, and early instilled into his nephew a love of reading. On the completion of his education, he entered the counting-room of his uncle. His genius, however,
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George Clymer Genealogy

Christopher Clymer (1711 - 1746)
Deborah Hardiman Fitzwater Clymer (1712 - 1740)

Henry Clymer (1767 - 1830)
Margaret McCall (1772 - 1799)
Julian Clymer (1780 - ____)

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1739 03/16   Birth of George Clymer
1813 01/24   Death of Geroge Clymer
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George Clymer

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Quote 591 details Share on Google+ - Quote 591 Linked In Share Button - Quote 591 A printer publishes a lie: for which he ought to stand in the pillory, for the people believe in and act upon it.

George Clymer: Unknown

Quote 592 details Share on Google+ - Quote 592 Linked In Share Button - Quote 592 Among the expected glories of the Constitution, next to the abolition of Slavery was that of Rum.

George Clymer: Unknown

Quote 589 details Share on Google+ - Quote 589 Linked In Share Button - Quote 589 Some men’s minds are like looking-glasses, for, having no images or impressions of their own, they can but reflect those of other people.

George Clymer: Unknown

Quote 590 details Share on Google+ - Quote 590 Linked In Share Button - Quote 590 …American agricultural improvements will be faster and more universal than those of any other country.

George Clymer: Unknown

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