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Religion: Episcopalian
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John Morton was a native of Ridley, in the county of Chester, now Delaware. His ancestors were of Swedish extraction, and among the first Swedish emigrants, who located themselves on the banks of the Delaware. His father, after whom he was called, died a few months previously to his birth. His mother was some time after married to an Englishman, who possessed a more than ordinary education, and who, with great kindness, on young Morton's becoming of the proper age, superintended and directed his education at home. Here his active mind rapidly expanded, and gave promise of the important part which he was destined to act in the subsequent history of his country.

About the year 1764, he was commissioned as a justice of the peace, and was sent as a delegate to the general assembly of Pennsylvania. Of this body he was for many years an active and distinguished member, and for some time the speaker of the house of representatives. The following year he was appointed by the house of
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John Morton (1683 - 1724)
Maria Ellen Archer Morton Sketchley (1701 - ____)

Ann Justis Morton

Sarah Morton Currie (____ - 1794)

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1724    Birth of John Morton
1777    Death of John Morton
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... they will live to see the hour when they shall acknowledge it [signing the Declaration of Independence] to have been the most glorious service that I ever rendered my country.

John Morton: on his deathbed eight months after signing the Declaration of Independence.
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