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Religion: Congregationalist
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Josiah Bartlett, the first of the New-Hampshire delegation who signed the Declaration of Independence, was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts, in 1729. He was the fourth son of Stephen Bartlett, whose ancestors came from England during the seventeenth century, and settled at Beverly.

The early education of young Bartlett appears to have been respectable, although he had not the advantages of a collegiate course. At the age of sixteen he began the study of medicine, for which he had a competent knowledge of the Greek and Latin languages.

On finishing his preliminary studies, which were superintended by Dr. Ordway, of Amesbury, and to which he devoted himself with indefatigable zeal for five years, he commenced the practice of his profession at Kingston, in the year 1760.

Two years from the above date, he was attacked by a fever, which for a time seriously threatened his life. From an injudicious application of medicines, and too close a confinement to his chamber, life appeared
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Josiah Bartlett Genealogy

Stephen Bartlet (1691 - 1773)
Hannah Webster Bartlet (1692 - 1768)

Mary Bartlett Bartlett (1730 - 1789)

Ezra Bartlett (____ - 1848)
Lois Bartlett (1756 - 1798)
Rhoda True (1759 - 1794)
Levi Bartlett (1763 - 1828)
Josiah Bartlett (1768 - 1838)

Steven Bartlet (____ - 1769)
Mary Bartlett (1724 - 1729)
Simeon Bartlett (1727 - 1798)

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1729 11/21   Birth of Josiah Bartlett
1795 05/19   Death of Josiah Bartlett
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Quote 1022 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1022 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1022 That God would be pleased to look down with an eye of compassion upon the whole human race, and dispel those clouds of ignorance, superstition and bigotry that overspread so great a part of the world, and that the knowledge of and reverential love and regard to the One God and Father, of all, and a true benevolence and good will to their fellow men, may pervade the hearts, and influence the lives of all mankind, and all Nations, Languages and Tongues be brought to join in singing, Glory to God in the highest, on Earth Peace and good will to men.

Josiah Bartlett: proclamation issued on October 5, 1793

Quote 1021 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1021 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1021 That it would please Him [God] still to have these United States under His Holy protection and guidance – that He would inspire those who have the management of all our public affairs with all that wisdom, prudence and integrity that is necessary to the faithful discharge of their important trusts, that all their determinations may tend to promote the real happiness and prosperity of this great and rising Republic, and that all people may be disposed to afflict in carrying such determinations into effect.

Josiah Bartlett: proclamation issued on October 5, 1793

Quote 740 details Share on Google+ - Quote 740 Linked In Share Button - Quote 740 ...[t]hat the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be made known to all nations, pure and undefiled religion universally prevail, and the earth be fill with the glory of the Lord.

Josiah Bartlett: Proclamation for a Day of Fasting and Prayer, March 17, 1792

Quote 1020 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1020 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1020 That He [GOD] had been pleased to continue to us the inestimable blessings of civil and religious liberty.

Josiah Bartlett: proclamation issued on October 5, 1793

Quote 575 details Share on Google+ - Quote 575 Linked In Share Button - Quote 575 Firstly I commit my Soul into the hands of God, its great and benevolent author.

Josiah Bartlett: Last Will and Testament

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