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Religion: Presbyterian
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Philip Livingston was born at Albany, on the fifteenth of January, 1716. His ancestors were highly respectable, and for several generations the family have held a distinguished rank in New-York. His great grandfather, John Livingston, was a divine of some celebrity in the church of Scotland, from which country he removed to Rotterdam in the year 1663. In 1772, or about that time, his son Robert emigrated to America, and settled in the colony of New-York. He was fortunate in obtaining a grant of a tract of land in that colony, delightfully situated on the banks of the Hudson. This tract, since known as the Manor of Livingston, has been in possession of the family from that time to the present.

Robert Livingston had three sons, Philip, Robert, and Gilbert. The first named of these, being the eldest, inherited the manor. The fourth son of this latter is the subject of the present memoir.

The settlement of New-York, it is well known, was commenced by the Dutch. For many years
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Philip Livingston Genealogy

Philip Livingston (1686 - 1749)
Catharina Van Brugh Livingston (1689 - 1756)

Christina Ten Ten Broeck Livingston (1718 - 1801)

Robert R. Livingston (____ - 1813)
William Livingston (1723 - 1790)
Philip Livingston (1741 - 1787)
Catherine Livingston Westerlo (1745 - 1810)
Sarah Livingston Livingston (1752 - 1814)

Sara Livingston Alexander (____ - 1805)
Robert Livingston (1708 - 1790)
Peter Van Brugh Livingston (1710 - 1792)
William Livingston (1723 - 1790)

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1716 01/15   Birth of Philip Livingston
1778 06/12   Death of Philip Livingston
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