Samuel Huntington - (1731 - 1796)

Religion: Congregationalist
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Samuel Huntington was born in Windham, Connecticut, on the 2d day of July, 1732. His ancestors were respectable; they came to America at an early period of the country, and settled in Connecticut.

The father of the subject of the present memoir was Nathaniel Huntington, who resided in the town of Windham, where he was a plain but worthy farmer. His mother was distinguished for her many virtues. She was a pious, discreet woman, and endued with a more than ordinary share of mental vigor. A numerous family of children cemented the affection of this worthy pair. Several of the sons devoted themselves to the gospel ministry, and attained to a higher respectable standing in their profession. Of those who thus devoted themselves to the clerical profession, Dr. Joseph Huntington was one. He is well known as the author of a posthumous work, on universal salvation. It was entitled "Calvinism Improved, or the Gospel illustrated as a system, of real Grace, issuing in the salvation of all
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Samuel Huntington Genealogy

Nathanaell Huntington (____ - 1767)
Mehetabel Thurston Huntington (1700 - 1781)

Martha Huntington (____ - 1794)

Mehetable Huntington Bowen (1729 - 1793)
Enoch Huntington (1739 - 1809)

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1731 07/03   Birth of Samuel Huntington
1796 01/05   Death of Samuel Huntington
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Samuel Huntington

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Biography for Samuel Huntington (1731 - 1796)
Biography for Samuel Huntington
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