Thomas Lynch - (1749 - 1779)

Religion: Episcopalian
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Thomas Lynch was the son of a gentleman of the same name, and was born on the fifth of August, 1749, at Prince George's Parish, in the province of South Carolina. The family was an ancient one, and is said to have originally emigrated from Austria to England, where they settled in the county of Kent; sometime after which, a branch passed over to Ireland, and thence some of the descendants removed to South Carolina. The name of the family is said to have been derived from a field of pulse called lince, upon which the inhabitants of a certain town in Austria lived, for some time, during a siege which was laid to it; and from which circumstance they changed the name of the town to Lince or Lintz, which name was adopted by the principal family of the place.

The precise period when Jonack Lynch, the great grandfather of Thomas Lynch, the subject of the present memoir, emigrated from Ireland to America is uncertain, but, probably, at an early period after the settlement of the colony.
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Thomas Lynch Genealogy

Thomas Lynch (1727 - 1776)
Elizabeth Allston Lynch (1706 - 1754)

Elizabeth Shubrick Lynch (1749 - 1779)

Sabina Lynch Bowman (1747 - 1812)
Esther Lynch (1748 - 1825)
Elizabeth Lynch Hamilton (1752 - 1825)

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Thomas Lynch was lost at see with his wife while sailing to the West Indies
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1749 08/05   Birth of Thomas Lynch
1779    Death of Thomas Lynch
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Thomas Lynch

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