Thomas Nelson - (1738 - 1789)

Religion: Episcopalian
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Thomas Nelson, Jr. was born at York on the twenty-sixth of December, 1738. He was the eldest son of William Nelson, a merchant of highly respectable character, who was descended from an English family, which settled at York, in the province of Virginia. By his prudence and industry, the latter acquired a large fortune. After the meridian of life, he held several offices of high distinction; and at his death, which occurred a few years before the revolution, left a character, not only sullied by no stain, but justly venerated for the many virtues which adorned it.

At the age of fourteen, Thomas Nelson was sent to England, for the purpose of acquiring an education. He was for some time placed at a private school, in a village in the neighbourhood of London; whence he was removed to the university of Cambridge, where he enjoyed the instruction of that distinguished man, Doctor Beilby Porteus, afterwards bishop of London. Under the guidance of this excellent man and accomplished
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Thomas Nelson Genealogy

William Nelson (1711 - 1772)
Elizabeth Burwell Nelson (1718 - 1798)

Lucy Grymes Nelson (1743 - 1830)

William Nelson (1763 - 1801)
Thomas Nelson (1764 - 1804)
Philip Nelson (1766 - 1851)
Francis Nelson (1767 - 1833)
Hugh Nelson (1768 - 1836)
Elizabeth Nelson Page (1770 - 1853)
Lucy Nelson Page (1777 - 1863)
Robert Nelson (1778 - 1818)
Susanna Nelson Page (1780 - 1850)
Judith Nelson Nelson (1782 - 1869)

Elizabeth Nelson Thompson
Nathaniel Nelson (1745 - ____)
Hugh Nelson (1750 - 1800)
Robert Nelson (1752 - 1818)
William Nelson (1754 - 1813)

Thomas Nelson Tivia

Thomas Nelson urged the military to turn artillery on his own house to dislodge a group of British officers
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1738 12/26   Birth of Thomas Nelson
1789 01/04   Death of Thomas Nelson
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