Thomas Stone - (1743 - 1787)

Religion: Episcopalian
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Thomas Stone was the son of David Stone, of Pointon Manor, Charles County, Maryland. His father was a descendant of William Stone, who was governor of Maryland during the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. The boyhood of Thomas Stone was distinguished by an unusual fondness for learning. At the age of fifteen, having acquired a respectable knowledge of the English language, he obtained the reluctant consent of his father to enter the school of a Mr. Blaizedel, a Scotchman, for the purpose of pursuing the Greek and Latin languages. This school was at the distance of ten miles from his father's residence; yet, such was the zeal of young Stone, that he was in the habit of rising sufficiently early in tile morning, to traverse this distance on horseback, and enter the school at the usual time of its commencement.

On leaving the school of Mr. Blaizedel, the subject of our memoir was anxious to prosecute the study of law. But, although his father was a gentleman of fortune, his son was
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David Stone (____ - 1773)
Elizabeth Jenifer Stone (1712 - 1773)

Margaret Brown Stone (1751 - 1787)

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1743    Birth of Thomas Stone
1787 10/05   Dath of Thomas Stone
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Thomas Stone

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Quote 751 details Share on Google+ - Quote 751 Linked In Share Button - Quote 751 I have been made very uneasy by the conduct of members of congress upon this subject, because I am well satisfied that it will be found that government can neither be protected nor supported without the power, and that its being even questioned by leading men in America will render the exercise of it impracticable.

Thomas Stone: Letter to James Monroe - 15 December 1784

Quote 752 details Share on Google+ - Quote 752 Linked In Share Button - Quote 752 And I think our assembly is well disposed to do everything necessary to give dignity and energy to the continental government; the only difficulty is to draw their attention from state objects to this, which, in my opinion, is much more important.

Thomas Stone: Letter to James Monroe - 15 December 1784

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