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Little is known about John Alleyne: he was the son of Thomas Alleyne of Queen Street, Westminster, was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1767, married Nancy Rosewell of Clapton on May 29, 1768, published The Legal Degrees of Marriage Stated and Considered … (London, 1774), and died at Hackney in 1777; his widow died at Brighton in 1797. The evidence about Alleyne’s relationship with the Franklin family is even scantier. He seems to have been a friend of the William Franklins, and especially of Betsy, from their days in England. It is clear that Benjamin Franklin had known his family and been his mentor for some time, particularly in his studies;2 but there is no other record of this background, and the few subsequent letters that survive indicate nothing except that the two remained at least intermittently in touch for the next five years.
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Benjamin Franklin: letter to John Alleyne, August 9, 1768