Deborah Franklin

Deborah Read Franklin (about 1708 – December 19, 1774) was the spouse of Benjamin Franklin, a prominent inventor, printer, thinker, revolutionary and Founding Father of the United States.

Franklin proposed to Read in 1724 when he was eighteen years old, but her mother would not consent to the marriage, citing Franklin's pending trip to England and financial instability. While Franklin was away in England, having been stranded there by Sir William Keith's failure to follow through on promises of support,[1] Read married John Rogers, who fled soon after. Because of this, Benjamin and Deborah were not free to marry formally. John Rogers disappeared into history, after spending Deborah's dowry, incurring much debt, and using the marriage to further his own schemes. Franklin states that Rogers died in the West Indies
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Quote 60 details Share on Google+ - Quote 60 Linked In Share Button - Quote 60 FAMILY: ... the conversation of ingenious men, give me no small pleasure; but at this time of life, domestic comforts afford the most solid satisfaction, and my uneasiness at being absent from my family, and longing desire to be with them, make me often sigh in the midst of cheerful company.

Benjamin Franklin: Letter to Deborah Franklin (21 Jan. 1758)