Samuel Adams: Founding Father Quote

Samuel Adams Quote
United States Founding Father

Quote 1442 details Share on Google+ - Quote 1442 Linked In Share Button - Quote 1442 First, The first fundamental, positive law of all common wealths or states is the establishing the legislative power. As the first fundamental natural law, also, which is to govern even the legislative power itself, is the preservation of the society.

Secondly, The Legislative has no right to absolute, arbitrary power over the lives and fortunes of the people; nor can mortals assume a prerogative not only too high for men, but for angels, and therefore reserved for the exercise of the Deity alone.


Thirdly, The supreme power cannot justly take from any man any part of his property, without his consent in person or by his representative.

Samuel Adams: The Rights of the Colonists - Nov 20, 1772

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