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Samuel Adams Quote
United States Founding Father

Quote 572 details Share on Google+ - Quote 572 Linked In Share Button - Quote 572 When I heard, that you had turned your mind to a defence of infidelity, I felt myself much astonished, and more grieved, that you had attempted a measure so injurious to the feelings, and so repugnant to the true interest of so great a part of the citizens of the United Stares. The people of New-England, if you will allow me to use a Scripture phrase, are fast returning to their first love. will you excite among them the spirit of angry controversy, at a time, when they are hastening to unity and peace? I am told that some of our news-papers have announced your intention to publish an additional pamphlet upon the principles of your Age of Reason. Do you think, that your pen, or the pen of any other man can unchristianize the mass of our citizens, or have you hopes of converting a few of them to assist you in so bad a cause?

Samuel Adams: Letter to Thomas Paine, rebuking his "The Age of Reason," November 30, 1802
Quoted Document: Age of Reason - Thomas Paine

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