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United States Founding Father

Quote 950 details Share on Google+ - Quote 950 Linked In Share Button - Quote 950 How prevalent even among enlightened writers, is the mistaken opinion, that government is subversive of equality and nature! Is it necessarily so? By no means. When I speak thus, I speak confidently, because I speak from principle fortified by fact. Let the constitution of the United States -- let that of Pennsylvania be examined from the beginning to the end. No right is conferred, no obligation is laid on any, which is not laid or conferred on every, citizen of the commonwealth or Union -- I think I may defy the world to produce a single exception to the truth of this remark. Now, as I showed at large in a former part of my lectures, the original equality of mankind consists in an equality of their duties and rights.

James Wilson: Of the Natural Rights of Individuals, 1790-1791
Quoted Document: Of the Natural Rights of Individuals

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