Founding Fathers Life/Events Timeline

Founding Father/US revolution timeline
This is a timeline of events from the Founding Fathers lives, in one place. This list includes dates from the lives of the founding fathers. The goal is to have a single place that lists all of the events in the founding fathers lives. This is a work in progress and will have data entered as I find it.



1704 04/24   Boston News-Letter, began publication.  [URL]   
1706 01/17   Birth of Benjamin Franklin   Benjamin Franklin
1707 03/07   Birth of Stephen Hopkins   Stephen Hopkins
1711    Birth of John Hart   John Hart
1713 03/21   Birth of Francis Lewis   Francis Lewis
1714    Birth of Matthew Thornton   Matthew Thornton
1716    Birth of George Taylor   George Taylor
1716 01/15   Birth of Philip Livingston   Philip Livingston
1719    Birth of James Smith   James Smith
1721 04/19   Birth of Roger Sherman   Roger Sherman
1722 09/22   Birth of Samuel Adams   Samuel Adams
1723 02/05   Birth of John Witherspoon   John Witherspoon
1724    Birth of John Morton   John Morton
1724 04/12   Birth of Lyman Hall   Lyman Hall
1726    Birth of Geroge Wythe   George Wythe
1726 04/07   Birth of Benjamin Harrison   Benjamin Harrison V
1726 04/08   Birth of Lewis Morris   Lewis Morris
1726 11/20   Birth of Oliver Wolcott   Oliver Wolcott
1727 12/22   Birth of William Ellery   William Ellery
1728 10/07   Birth of Caesar Rodney   Caesar Rodney
1729 11/21   Birth of Josiah Bartlett   Josiah Bartlett
1730 01/14   Birth of William Whipple   William Whipple
1730 01/23   Birth of Joseph Hewes   Joseph Hewes
1730 05/10   Birth of George Ross   George Ross
1730 10/01   Birth of Richard Stockton   Richard Stockton
1731 03/11   Birth of Robert Treat Paine   Robert Treat Paine
1731 04/18   Birth of William Williams   William Williams
1731 07/03   Birth of Samuel Huntington   Samuel Huntington
1732 01/20   Birth of Richard Henry Lee   Richard Henry Lee
1733 09/18   Birth of George Read   George Read
1734 01/31   Birth of Robert Morris   Robert Morris
1734 10/14   Birth of Francis Lightfoot Lee   Francis Lightfoot Lee
1734 12/17   Birth of William Floyd   William Floyd
1735    Birth of Button Gwinnett   Button Gwinnett
1735 03/19   Birth of Thomas McKean   Thomas McKean
1735 10/19   Birth of John Adams   John Adams
1736 11/21   Birth of Carter Braxton   Carter Braxton
1737 01/12   Birth of John Hancock   John Hancock
1737 09/19   Birth of Charles Carroll   Charles Carroll
1737 10/02   Birth of Francis Hopkinson   Francis Hopkinson
1738 12/26   Birth of Thomas Nelson   Thomas Nelson
1739 03/16   Birth of George Clymer   George Clymer
1740 06/06   Birth of John Penn   John Penn
1740 10/31   Birth of William Paca   William Paca
1741    Birth of George Walton   George Walton
1741 02/15   Birth of Abraham Clark   Abraham Clark
1741 04/17   Birth of Samuel Chase   Samuel Chase
1742 06/17   Birth of William Hooper   William Hooper
1742 06/26   Birth of Arthur Middleton   Arthur Middleton
1742 09/14   Birth of James Wilson   James Wilson
1743    Birth of Thomas Stone   Thomas Stone
1743 04/13   Birth of Thomas Jefferson   Thomas Jefferson
1744 07/17   Birth of Elbridge Gerry   Elbridge Gerry
1746 01/04   Birth of Benjamin Rush   Benjamin Rush
1746 07/28   Birth of Thomas Heyward   Thomas Heyward
1749 08/05   Birth of Thomas Lynch   Thomas Lynch
1749 11/23   Birth of Edward Rutledge   Edward Rutledge
1755    John Adams Graduated from Harvard College   John Adams
1758    John Adams admitted to the bar at Boston   John Adams
1764 04/05   Sugar Act Passed 1764  [URL]   
1764 07/??   James Otis publishes "The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved."  [URL]   James Otis
1764 10/25   John Adams married Abigail Smith   John Adams
1765 03/22   Stamp Act passed by British Parliament   
1765 03/24   Quartering Act    
1766 03/18   Declaratory Act passed asserting the British right to make laws binding on the colonies.   
1766 03/18   Stamp Act repealed - Ben Franklin argued for repeal and warned of a possible revolution in the American colonies if the Stamp Act was enforced by the British military   
1768 10   British troops occupy Boston   
1773 05/10   Tea Act Passed   
1773 12/16   Boston Tea party   
1774 03/05   Boston Massacre Oration - Hancock  [URL]   John Hancock
1774 05/12   Boston calls for a boycott of British imports   
1774 05/13   General Thomas Gage replaces Hutchinson as Royal governor and places Massachusetts under military rule   
1774 05/17   Providence, New York and Philadelphia call for an inter-colonial congress against the Coercive Acts   
1774 05/20   The Quebec Act establishing a centralized government in Canada controlled by the British and extending the southern boundary of Canada into territories claimed by Massachusetts, Connecticut and Virginia.   
1774 09/05   First Continental Congress  [URL]   
1775 02/09   English Parliament declares Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion   
1775 03/23   Patrick Henry delivers the "Give me liberty or give me death!" speech  [URL]   Patrick Henry
1775 03/30   New England Restraining Act requiring New England colonies to trade exclusively with England   
1775 04/18   General Gage orders British soldiers to destroy the colonists weapons depot in Concord. Paul Revere leaves Boston to warn colonists.   
1775 04/19   Shots fired at Lexington and Concord where weapons depot destroyed. "Minute Men" force British troops back to Boston. George Washington takes command of the Continental Army.   
1775 04/19   War Breaks Out  [URL]   
1775 04/23   The Provincial Congress in Massachusetts orders 13,600 American soldiers to be mobilized and volunteers begin a year long siege of Boston which is held by the British.   
1775 05/10   Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold lead the capture Fort Ticonderoga in New York which contains weapons   
1775 05/15   Congress places the colonies in a state of defense   
1775 06/15   George Washington appointed general and commander-in-chief of the new Continental Army.    George Washington
1775 06/17   Americnas hold their own at the Battle of Bunker Hill  [URL]   
1775 06/17   Battle of Bunker Hill  [URL]   
1775 07/05   Olive Branch Petition aimed at reconciliation with Britain which fails   
1775 07/06   Declaration on the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms  [URL]   
1775 11/**   British form an alliance with Patriots slaves   
1776 01   Appointed a Judge of the Superiour Court of Massachusetts   Matthew Thornton
1776 02/27   Loyalists defeated at Moores Creek  [URL]   
1776 03/04   American forces capture Dorchester Heights and British evacuate Boston   
1776 05/02   The American revolution gains support from King Louis XVI of France   
1776 06/07   Lees Resolution introduced to Continental Congress  [URL]   Richard Henry Lee
1776 06/28   South Carolinians repel British attempt to take Charleston   
1776 07/04   Signing of the Declaration of Independence  [URL]   
1776 07/12   A huge British force under the command of General William Howe arrives in New York harbor to crush the rebellion.   
1776 08/02   Members of Congress sign the United States Declaration of Independence   
1776 08/27   Battle of Long Island - British victory  [URL]   

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