Founding Fathers Life/Events Timeline

Founding Father/US revolution timeline
This is a timeline of events from the Founding Fathers lives, in one place. This list includes dates from the lives of the founding fathers. The goal is to have a single place that lists all of the events in the founding fathers lives. This is a work in progress and will have data entered as I find it.



1776 09/26   Congress appoint Jefferson, Franklin and Silas Deane to negotiate European treaties Franklin and Deane go to France seeking financial and military aid   Benjamin Franklin
1776 10/11   American Navy defeated on Lake Champlain   
1776 10/28   Battle of White Plains force General Washington to retreat to the west pursued by Cornwallis  [URL]   
1776 12/26   Washington crosses the Delaware River and captures a Hessian force (German mercenaries) at Trenton, New Jersey   George Washington
1777    Death of John Morton   John Morton
1777    John Adams retired from Congress   John Adams
1777 01/03   American victory at Princeton   
1777 04/27   American troops under Benedict Arnold defeat the British at Ridgefield, Connecticut   
1777 05/15   Death of Button Gwinnett   Button Gwinnett
1777 06/02   The second Quartering Act   
1777 09/11   General Washington defeated at Brandywine  [URL]   George Washington
1777 10/07   American victory at Battle of Saratoga  [URL]   
1778    John Adams Commissioner to France   John Adams
1778 02/06   France signs a treaty of alliance with the United States and the American Revolution soon becomes a world war.   
1778 02/15   John Adams sails to France   John Adams
1778 03/16   A Peace Commission rejected by Congress.   
1778 05/30   British General Henry Clinton replaces General Howe as commander of all British forces in the American colonies.  [URL]   
1778 05/30   Iroquois Indians burn Cobleskill, New York.    
1778 06/12   Death of Philip Livingston   Philip Livingston
1778 06/27   The Battle of Monmouth occurs in New Jersey as Washingtons troops and General. Clintons troops fight to a standoff.   [URL]   
1778 07/03   British Loyalists and Indians massacre American settlers in the Wyoming Valley  [URL]   
1778 07/08   General Washington sets up headquarters at West Point   George Washington
1778 07/10   France declares war against Britain.   
1778 09/14   Benjamin Franklin appointed American representative in France.   Benjamin Franklin
1778 11/11   Loyalists and Indians massacre American settlers at Cherry Valley, New York,   [URL]   
1778 12/29   British capture Savannah and Augusta.   
1779    Death of Thomas Lynch   Thomas Lynch
1779 03/01   In retaliation for Indian raids on colonial settlements, American troops from North Carolina and Virginia attack Chickamauga Indian villages in Tennessee.   
1779 05/11   Death of John Hart   John Hart
1779 06/16   Spain declares war on England but no alliance with America   
1779 07/14   Death of George Ross   George Ross
1779 08/14   A peace plan is approved by Congress stipulating independence and British evacuation of America   
1779 08/29   American victory at Elmira, New York   
1779 09/03   American defeat at Savannah   
1779 09/27   John Adams is appointed to negotiate peace with England.   John Adams
1779 10/10   Death of Joseph Hewes   Joseph Hewes
1780    John Adams Minister tothe Netherlands   John Adams
1780 04/08   British attack Charleston, South Carolina   
1780 05/06   British capture Fort Moultrie at Charleston  [URL]   
1780 05/12   Charleston falls to the British   
1780 06/11   A new Massachusetts constitution is endorsed - "all men are born free and equal," which includes black slaves   
1780 06/23   Battle of Springfield American victory  [URL]   
1780 09/23   British victory in South Carolina   
1781 01/17   American victory at Cowpens   
1781 02/23   Death of George Taylor   George Taylor
1781 02/28   Death of Richard Stockton   Richard Stockton
1781 03/15   Battle of Guilford Courthouse British victory  [URL]   
1781 06/10   American troops in Virginia led by Marquis de Lafayette, General Anthony Wayne and Baron von Steuben oppose British forces under Benedict Arnold and General Cornwallis.   
1781 07/20   Rebellion by slaves in Williamsburg, Virginia   
1781 09/05   Victory for French fleet of de Grasse. Cornwallis cut off from any retreat by sea   
1781 09/06   Benedict Arnold leads troops who burn the port of New London, Connecticut.   
1781 09/28   Siege of Yorktown begins   
1781 10/17   American victory at Yorktown terms discussed for the British surrender.   
1781 10/19   The British army surrenders at Yorktown - a devastating effect on the British   
1782    Resigned Judgeshop   Matthew Thornton
1782 02/27   English Parliament votes against further war in America.   
1782 03/05   The British Parliament empowers King George to negotiate peace with the United States.   
1782 03/20   British Prime Minister Lord Rockingham starts negotiations with the American peace commissioners.   
1782 04/04   Sir Guy Carleton replaces General Clinton as the new commander of British forces in America   
1782 04/12   Paris Peace talks begin   
1782 08/27   Battle at Combahee River marks the last fighting between British and American forces  [URL]   
1782 11/10   The final battle of the Revolutionary War when Americans retaliate by attacking a Shawnee village in Ohio   
1782 11/30   Preliminary peace treaty signed in Paris recognising American independence and the British withdrawal from America.   
1783 02/04   England officially declares an end to hostilities in America   
1783 04/11   Congress Official declaration of the end to the Revolutionary War   
1783 07/08   Supreme Court of Massachusetts abolishes slavery in the state.   
1783 08/03   The Treaty of Paris is signed by the United States and Great Britain   
1783 11/2   George Washington delivers farewell address  [URL]   George Washington
1783 12/23   Washington resigns his commission as commander-in-chief to the Congress of the Confederation.  [URL]   George Washington
1784 01/14   The Treaty of Paris is ratified by Congress and the American Revolutionary War officially ends.   George Washington
1784 06/29   Death of Caesar Rodney   Caesar Rodney
1785    John Adams Minister to England   John Adams
1785 03/25   Mount Vernon Conference convenes   
1785 03/28   Mount Vernon Conference Adjourns   
1785 04/13   Death of Stephen Hopkins   Stephen Hopkins
1785 11/28   Death of William Whipple   William Whipple
1787 01/01   Death of Arthur Middleton   Arthur Middleton
1787 10/05   Dath of Thomas Stone   Thomas Stone
1787 12/07   Ratification of the Constitution by Delaware   
1787 12/12   Ratification of the Constitution by Pennsylvania   
1787 12/18   Ratification of the Constitution by New Jersey   
1788 01/02   Ratification of the Constitution by Georgia   
1788 01/09   Ratification of the Constitution by Connecticut   
1788 02/06   Ratification of the Constitution by the State of Massachusetts   
1788 04/28   Ratification of the Constitution by Maryland   
1788 05/23   Ratification of the Constitution by South Carolina   
1788 06/21   Ratification of the Constitution by New Hampshire   
1788 06/25   Ratification of the Constitution by Virginia   
1788 07/26   Ratification of the Constitution by the State of New York   
1788 09/14   Death of John Penn   John Penn
1789    John Adams elected Vice President   John Adams
1789    Purchased a farm in Exeter   Matthew Thornton
1789 01/04   Death of Thomas Nelson   Thomas Nelson
1789 11/21   Ratification of the Constitution by North Carolina   
1790 02/02   Supreme Cout Convenes   
1790 04/17   Death of Benjamin Franklin   Benjamin Franklin
1790 05/29   Ratification of the Constitution by Rhode Island   
1790 10/14   Death of William Hooper   William Hooper
1790 10/19   Death of Lyman Hall   Lyman Hall
1791 01/10   Vermont ratify the constitution and apply for admission into the Union   

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